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At R Scott Reynolds DMD, MS in Arab and Scottsboro, we will create for you a personalized TMJ treatment plan that will help realign your jaw and eliminate the pain. Our orthodontist and professional neuromuscular dentists will help alleviate your pain and give you a more comfortable smile.

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Orthodontics explained

Dentistry has a number of sub-categories that require a specialist's knowledge and training. At R Scott Reynolds, DMD, MS, we specialize in one of these concentrations such as orthodontics. Our Arab and Scottsboro office teams are dedicated to correcting irregularities in teeth and jaw alignments.

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Hygiene and diet

The R Scott Reynolds, DMD, MS team in Arab and Scottsboro can provide all the orthodontics information you need to get the dental care you deserve. Once you begin your treatment, we will help you practice proper oral hygiene, which includes the right food for your braces. We'll make sure you're fully informed.

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Ages and timelines

R Scott Reynolds, DMD, MS also offers great advice regarding orthodontics treatments that are suitable for all ages. From younger children to adults, our team of dental professionals in Scottsboro and Arab are here to address your oral worries and concerns.